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The aim of the project is to research and develop strategies to foster inclusion, recognition, and the visibility and sense of belonging of our non-binary students who are taking Maths or other Maths related subjects, by queering or challenging the STEM Maths Curriculum.  A cursory overview of journal articles shows that it is far more likely to see LGBTQ+ issues covered in subjects like History, Ethics, Politics and Social Care and Medicine than in Mathematics which is frequently viewed as a ‘neutral’ subject.

Why is this project important?

The classroom can be viewed as a microcosm of society, yet certain identities may be suppressed, ignored, misrepresented, or misunderstood in that space.  The curriculum lies at the heart of the student’s academic experience and can be used as a vehicle for transforming society through the transmission of norms, values, and beliefs. An inclusive curriculum moves beyond having separate modules for LGBTQ+ issues and heroes to incorporating their perspectives throughout the programme curricula.  Excluding LGBTQ+ persons and their issues from the curriculum may deny people the chance to see themselves in the topic and the opportunities for them to make the impact they want on society. 

What will be delivered or differant at the end of this SATLE Project?

It is the intention of this project to bring queer theory and pedagogy into the maths class through the creation of Open Education Resources (OERS) which will enable lecturers to be confident about incorporating LGBTQ+ issues into the STEM Mathematics Curriculum in the teaching of typical mathematical concepts which intersect with social justice.

The project will provide practical framework which can be used by lecturers for transforming the curriculum in a meaningful way.Resources are under development to scaffold the framework in the areas of LGBTQ modern Irish History, LGBTQ issues and statistics, language, Maths role models, Maths assignments, Curriculum and sample Diversity and Inclusion Welcome Statements.

The proposal should shift conversations away from debating whether lecturers could embrace the inclusion of sexual and gender diversity topics in the curriculum, to exploring ways of doing it.It is hoped that the proposal will stimulate a cultural shift sparking confidence in bringing gender issues into the curriculum.

Project news

  • A Microsoft Teams site has been set up as a collaborative space for lecturers to access the draft OERs, give feedback on them and to upload resources for the benefit of other lecturers. If you would like access to the team site, please contact Anne Marie Courtney at anne.marie.courtney@mtu.ie.
  • Challenge for Maths Lecturers- Throwing down the gauntlet- can you queer a Maths topic or an assignment?
  • 26th of April is International Lesbian Day of  Visibility – Challenge for all Lecturers- how can you celebrate this day in your delivery? 
  • A REDDIT Post which got 19500 upvotes

Who are the project team members?

The following are our team members -


Anne Marie Courtney, Science Technology Engineering and Maths, MTU Kerry

Project Lead

Email: Anne.Marie.Courtney@mtu.ie




Dr Joan Cleary

Science Technology Engineering and Maths, MTU Kerry




Dr Julie Crowley, Mathematics & Academic Learning Centre, MTU Cork

Email: Julie.Crowley@mtu.ie



Maria Cullinane

Process Energy &Transport Engineering, MTU Cork



 Ellen O Shea

Ellen O Shea

Assistant Staff Officer, Office of External Affairs & EDI, MTU Cork

Email: Ellen.OShea@mtu.ie



Dr Carol Wrenn



Siobhan Kangataran, EDI Manager, MTU Cork

Siobhan Kangataran, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, MTU Cork


Email: Siobhan.Kangataran@mtu.ie

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