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The CPD@MTU project was initially conceived and submitted by the TLU and has been funded by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) under its “Performance Fund 2021”. Broadly, it has 3 main objectives:

  1. To gather opinions on current and future CPD practices across the university.
  2. To develop a mechanism for staff to be able to plan, collate and showcase future CPD activities using an online ‘e-portfolio’.
  3. To enable the development and delivery of targeted CPD programmes and resources for staff in strategic areas.

Why should I be interested?

As outlined above, a major objective of this project is to provide support and resources so that staff may more easily plan CPD related activities and gain recognizable credit for them through a standardized university approved framework. It is anticipated that those who engage with this project will be able to enhance their T&L practices more effectively, share best practice and develop a portfolio of completed CPD which will be recognized by the university.

What counts as CPD?

CPD is viewed very broadly here. It encompasses any additional undertaking by a staff member related to the improvement of teaching, learning, research and outreach. It includes formal and/or informal practices such as attending seminars, accumulating micro-credentials, undertaking reflective practice, participating in or initiating a learning community, attending or delivering discipline specific conferences, joining a professional body, gaining additional professional qualifications or recognition etc. 

Will this result in any positive change?

One of the key objectives agreed with the HEA is for the university to “have developed a robust, inclusive and adaptable CPD recognition framework for MTU”. This represents a clear and positive change, which will enable staff to demonstrate their commitment to a personalized strategic CPD program. It is anticipated that this will have tangible benefits for those wishing to develop their T&L practices and ultimately their careers.

Is this something I will be compelled to do?

Absolutely not. This will be an entirely voluntary, “opt in” and supportive exercise which will be made available to all staff but can be interacted with (or not) as often as individuals wish. We hope that this project will be viewed as a positive initiative which in time will provide benefits and rewards to those involved in terms of career progression and greater job satisfaction.

How can I contribute to this project?

The easiest way is to add your opinions to this questionnaire (which also allows you the option to participate in a follow up focus group session if you wish). Additionally, feel free anytime to email jim.omahony@mtu.ie or Margaret.finch@mtu.ie about this project with any queries, observations or suggestions.

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