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ECAAPT (Embedding Content Across Academic Programmes Toolkit) is a tracking and mapping tool designed to facilitate the embedding and tracking of content related to academic literacies across various modules and academic programs. Its primary goal is to provide a simple and efficient method for educators and institutions to ensure that academic literacies are effectively integrated and addressed throughout different courses and programmes.

How do I use ECAAPT?

The following brief video details how to use ECAAPT:

How can ECAAPT help me?

ECAAPT can assist in the following ways:

  • Content Embedding: ECAAPT helps educators embed specific academic literacies content into their modules or courses. It allows them to identify and select appropriate learning materials, activities, and assessments that align with the desired academic literacies outcomes.
  • Mapping: ECAAPT facilitates the mapping of academic literacies across modules and programs. Educators can visualise how different elements of academic literacies are distributed and interconnected within the curriculum. This mapping enables them to identify any gaps or redundancies and make informed decisions for improvement.
  • Tracking Progress: The toolkit helps track the progress of academic literacies development for individual students, groups, or entire cohorts. It allows educators to monitor students' performance, assess their attainment of specific literacies, and identify areas where additional support may be required.
  • Evaluation and Feedback: ECAAPT provides tools for evaluating the effectiveness of academic literacies instruction. Educators can collect feedback from students, analyze assessment data, and make data-informed decisions to enhance the integration of academic literacies content.
  • By using ECAAPT, educators can streamline the process of embedding, tracking, and evaluating academic literacies across modules and programs, ensuring a coherent and comprehensive approach to developing students' academic skills and competencies.

Where can I access ECAAPT?

You can now download ECAAPT as well as the Guidance Notes on how to use the tool - a literature review is also available!

Where can I get further information?

For more information, please contact the ECAAPT creators:

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