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The following are details of the sessions held together with links, where possible, to the relevant resources and recordings:


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4th October 2018

Structuring a lecture: what can work well

Many lectures can be designed to follow a similar structure and being aware of this structure can help you to design effective lectures. In this session we will look at some recommended practices for structuring a typical lecture. A central aim is to engage those students that attend so that learners leave with the feeling that the lecture was worth attending.

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Useful Resources



18th October 2018

Writing Exam Papers: Questions/Creating Exam Papers – What to consider, sharing experience

In this session we will look at ways to structure an exam paper, consider ways to write good quality questions and what a good marking scheme and model answer might look like. Exemplars and examples will be used to explore aspects of what a “good” exam question might look like.

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Example of a model answer



8th November 2018

Giving Feedback: how, how much and how often?

Providing learners with feedback is known to be one of the most impactful things we can do to enhance learning, it can also be very time-consuming. Often it also seems that learners are not acting on that feedback. This session will explore issues with feedback, and ways in which learners can be provided with feedback that are both efficient and effective for us. We will discuss the ‘power of words’ and explore the value of commenting constructively on assignments and assessments.

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  1. Exemplar
  2. Assessment Rubric
  3. Proforma
  4. Computer Assisted Assessment



29th November 2018

Web for Faculty & Entering Marks : Getting ready to enter CA marks

In this session we will offer a hands-on tutorial on Web for Faculty and the process of entering marks using Web for Faculty. We will briefly look at each function, what the acronyms mean and outline how best to prepare for a Module Exam Board (MEB).

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18th December 2018

Correcting Exam Papers: Good practice and what to think about


The prospect of correcting a pile of exam papers can be daunting. How do we ensure that we mark these fairly and consistently? This session will outline a process to help address these issues. As part of the session, we will discuss the value of an assessment rubric and a marking scheme, variation in marking and methods of minimising it.


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Example of a Model Answer

Example of Recording Marks

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