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New to MTU?

Would you like to be supported by an INTEGRATE mentor for the first few months of your new role?

Experienced MTU staff member?

Would you like to become an INTEGRATE mentor and share your experience to help new staff?






INTEGRATE - The MTU Staff Induction Mentoring programme, which is coordinated and supported by the Teaching and Learning Unit, offers informal and friendly mentoring support from experienced peers who volunteer to assist new academic staff members during their initial months in their new role. It complements the regular induction arrangements provided by the home department and the Human Resources Office team.



“Knowing that I had someone I could go to if I had a question or a problem really helped me to survive my first few months.” Mentee

“My Head of Department was fantastic, but I didn’t want to run to her with every little question. Having a mentor was a lifesaver.” Mentee

“I found my role as mentor very satisfying. I remember what it was like for me when I started here and I was happy to be able to help a new staff member settle in.” Mentor


“I found myself rethinking my own teaching and making some very positive changes because of conversations I was having with my mentee.” Mentor

What is the role of the INTEGRATE mentor?

Serving as role models, INTEGRATE Mentors are MTU staff members who have worked in a similar position.  Falling outside of the new staff member’s reporting relationship, the INTEGRATE Mentor’s main function is to provide support, information and encouragement to the mentee.  Specific benefits include

  • An opportunity to share experience and expertise
  • A sense of personal satisfaction in helping to develop the potential of others
  • Opportunities to avail of mentor / coaching approaches training
  • Positive working relationship-building

What is the role of the INTEGRATE mentee?

The INTEGRATE Mentee commits to harnessing the most value and learning they can from the mentoring relationship, while driving the mentoring process. Generally the mentee, acting proactively, is responsible for making arrangements and plans with their mentor (once introduced).  Specific benefits include

  • A smoother transition into the role
  • A broader understanding and easier adaptation to the culture
  • Assistance with setting and accomplishing personal development goals
  • Increased confidence and internal network contacts
  • A supportive confidante who provides a sounding board for ideas and plans
  • Improved self-awareness and understanding.

Who is the programme for?

At the moment, the programme is open to academic staff taking on a new role only. However, it is hoped that as more staff are trained, there will be sufficient mentoring capacity for this programme to be made available to all staff, both academic and professional management support be they full-time or part-time.

How long does the programme last?

Mentoring can be sought at any time during the employment period if it is identified during developmental dialogues between staff and their Head of Department/Unit, as a suitable support option. Otherwise, it is generally for new staff in their first semester at MTU.

Is training provided?

Training and ongoing support is provided by the INTEGRATE Team.

How do I become an INTEGRATE Mentor?

Read the INTEGRATE Mentor brochure and if you are interested in becoming an INTEGRATE Mentor then please complete our online INTEGRATE Staff Induction Mentoring Programme form and we will be in contact with you.

How do I get an INTEGRATE Mentor?

Read the INTEGRATE Mentee brochure and if you are interested in becoming an INTEGRATE Mentor then please complete our online INTEGRATE Staff Induction Mentoring Programme form and we will be in contact with you.

Where can I get further information?

If you would like more information on the programme, we have prepared some downloadable brochures about the programme for:

Alternatively, you can contact the INTEGRATE Team, which consists of:

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