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Launched January 2019


The following is a series of short guides that provide hints, tips and practical guidance on key aspects of learning and teaching practice. These will help refresh your thinking or spark ideas about possible approaches to take in your teaching.


Feedback Guides

  1. Commenting constructively on assessed work
  2. Getting students to engage with feedback
  3. Giving formative feedback prior to submitting summative tasks
  4. Streamlining feedback on summative tasks

Assessment Guides

  1. Alternatives to traditional exams
  2. Essays and alternatives to essays

Developing Assessment Literacy Guides

  1. Getting students to self assess to deepen their learning and develop feedback dialogues
  2. Helping students appreciate what's expected of them in assessment; Developing students' assessment literacy
  3. Using Exemplars to enhance learning and support achievement
  4. Supporting international students in assessment


Hard copies are also available, so please contact us if you would like a copy

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