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Apply Now for Semester 1, 2024/25

Are you relatively new to teaching, less than 3 years, and interested in exploring different teaching strategies to enhance your students’ learning experience?

Information Session

Date: Wednesday, 15th May 2024

We hosted a 30-minute online information session about the EAT-PD: Enabling Academic Transitions through Professional Development programme. If you were unavailable to attend, you can download our EAT-PD Brochure or watch the following short recording which introduces the programme and outlines what it entails:

More Information

If you would like to learn more about this exciting CPD opportunity for new and early career lecturers at MTU, please contact one of the programme team:

The TLU have developed a CPD programme entitled ‘EAT-PD: Enabling Academic Transitions through Professional Development' aimed at new and early career academic staff, i.e., staff that have been teaching full-time for three years or less (or some equivalent). This programme enables staff relatively new to teaching to develop their competencies in the classroom. The focus of this programme is to expose staff to a range of research-based teaching strategies that can be used to enhance lectures and support learning.

EAT-PD is a 15-week, semester-long, experiential programme (1 hour per week) using proven teaching strategies in a supportive, friendly and constructive environment. Learners subsequently deploy these activities in their classrooms and gain useful feedback from other learners and peers through reflective practice.

Feedback from previous programme participants has been overwhelmingly positive, not just about course content and processes but also about the collegiality and community of learning that emerges among the cohorts. This community is more important than ever as staff starting out on their MTU teaching careers are doing so in different and changing circumstances.

“This course has been so worthwhile, and I am glad I signed up to it. The strategies and tools it provided will be very helpful in my work going forward”

“What was most enjoyable was being in a space with other lecturer in a similar situation and finding we share similar experiences. It is reassuring to have the support of colleagues.”

Key Dates 2024/2025

Please note the following key dates:

  • Information session for Semester 1, 2024/25: Wednesday, 15th May 2024, 11:00-11:30
  • Closing Date for Applications: Thursday, 13th June 2024 @ 17:00
  • Applicants & Heads of Department Notified: Monday, 17th June 2024

This programme was enabled by funding from the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education as part of the Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement Funding in Higher Education Call 2019.


What support is available to engage with the programme?

Successful applicants will have their assigned teaching load reduced by 1 hour for 15 weeks (once approved by Head of Department / Function).

How does the programme operate?

To enable participation of staff from across all MTU campuses, we operate a synchronous online delivery model, via Canvas, with sessions commencing in Week 1 of each semester on Thursdays from 13.00 – 14.00 - all sessions are recorded and made available afterwards.

A flipped classroom approach is taken where you are directed to content prior to the live sessions with the live sessions centring more on key points and discussion relating to how you can apply your learning to your content and in your context.

How does the programme benefit participants?

It provides opportunities for participants to:

  • Integrate proven, high quality teaching strategies into their regular teaching practice
  • Develop their teaching practice using feedback from students, feedback from peers, self-reflection and through engagement with the literature.
  • Develop a personal understanding of what is meant by “student-centred learning”
  • Build their professional network by meeting and working with early career staff from across the university
  • Enhance their professional and personal development by obtaining the EnTICE (Enhancing Teaching through Interactive Classes that Engage Students) Digital Badge, from the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Reflect on their professional practice and, in doing so, to prepare a reflection that aligns with the requirements for Advance HE Associate Fellowship.

Has this programme been run previously?

This programme has been offered on 9 previous occasions – once in 2019/20, twice in 2020/21, once in 2021/22, twice again in 2022/23 and in 2023/24.. During this time, we recruited and successfully delivered this programme to over 140 early career academic staff from across a variety of disciplines in both faculties. The programme proved particularly beneficial to staff during the recent COVID-19 crisis with several participants commenting on how it enabled them to utilise some of the strategies learned and observed to enhance their remote teaching.

How do I apply?

Applications for the next iteration of EAT-PD must be submtted via our online application form. However, an application template is available to help you prepare your submission.

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