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SATLE 2019 funding provided a prime opportunity for CIT to build on its existing and successful funding of Teaching & Learning (T&L) projects through larger (up to €20,000) and smaller (up to €5,000) T&L enhancement projects.

Since 2018, over 60 projects have been funded as part of the T&L Development Fund alongside establishing almost 30 disciplinary/interdisciplinary Learning Communities. This existing seed funding had created an appetite for staff to develop and deliver more ambitious projects. Therefore, to fulfill this strand of SATLE 2019 funding, an open call, to all CIT campuses was made in October 2019 for larger-scale projects and, aligning with AnSEO/TLU’s ‘Combined Funding Call’ a further call in June 2020 for smaller-scale projects.

Over 30 projects were submitted and reviewed by an international panel of learning and teaching experts. The expectation was that approximately 6 larger projects would be funded; however, such was the strength of applications 9 larger projects and 5 smaller projects were funded, with CIT providing resources to support additional funding needs.

Across the core teams, over 100 staff and more than 30 students spanned 21 departments including Business, Creative Arts, Music, Engineering, Inclusion, Physical/Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Library and institute-wide A&F.

Hear more about the fantastic projects directly from those involved in a summary clip produced at the end of the SATLE 2019 as part of CIT’s report to the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education:


What core themes have emerged as a result of SATLE 2019 projects?

Core themes that have emerged across all projects include:

  • Enabling learning spaces to develop learning through research activity
  • Embedding student-staff partnerships in curriculum development
  • Establishing opportunities for interdisciplinary and transformational curriculum
  • Exploring inclusivity practices at local and institutional levels

These projects are adding significant value to MTU, contributing to the continued development of a Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Student Engagement (TLASE) culture that sees all members of the institutional community (academics, professional management support staff, students) and wider stakeholders working and learning together.

What type of projects were funded in 2019?

Projects spanned the full range of discipline areas in CIT and had engagement from students, staff and external partners.

More detailed individual project summaries and outputs can be found on the project pages and include:

Large Scale Projects:

Small-Scale Projects:

  • Advancement of undergraduate biology practicals through integration of virtual simulations.
    • Caroline Vaughan
    • Biological Sciences with cross-Faculty engagement
  • Development of an exemplar for interdisciplinary student collaboration within a connected remote learning environment
    • Ted McKenna
    • Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
  • Fostering the Social Entrepreneurial Mindset
    • Lisa Murphy, Trudie Murray, Helen McGurik, Caroline O’Reilly, and Breda Kenny
    • Hinks Centre
  • LeTS (Lecturers, Technical Staff & Students) Teach Together
    • Eileen O’Leary
    • Physical Sciences
  • Pop up creative learning spaces for place based learning.
    • Jessica Carson-Marbe
    • Arts in Health and Education, Crawford College of Art and Design

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