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The following are details of the sessions held together with links, where possible, to the relevant resources and recordings:


Title & Descriptor


16th May 2016

Digital Marketing Analytics Training


Presenter: Barry Hand, Marketing & Analytics Consultant, CEO, Handmade Marketing.


This workshop gave an overview of how analytics techniques can be applied to measure, monitor and justify marketing activity. Marketing analytics terms like engagement, retention, conversion, and segmentation were explained. Participants explored the tools which are used in modern marketing to discover actionable insights. The session was aimed at marketing staff who weren’t actively using analytics tools but wanted to know more about their capabilities and application to modern marketing.


17th May 2016

The Examination Process in CIT


Presenter: Dr Stephen Cassidy , Dean of Academic Quality Enhancement and Acting Dean of Graduate Studies


This workshop gave an overview of the Examination process in CIT. Starting with a quick review of uploading marks via Web for Faculty. The workshop then described the role and functioning of the various examination boards, namely the Module Examination Board, and Progression and Awards board. Finally, the Examination Appeals process was described. The workshop was interactive with attendees invited to raise any queries they had in relation to Examination Regulations (Marks and Standards) and the Examination process in general.


19th May 2016

Assessing Learning Groups – Examples & Implementations


Presenter: Professor Brian Bowe, DIT


In his first workshop (Conversations on Teaching & Learning, January 2016) Prof. Bowe focused on core principles associated with learning groups and addressed some of the reasons why learning groups may not perform as well as they should. One of those reasons is that the assessment strategy may be flawed. Prof. Bowe discussed some of the core ideas that would underpin a good assessment strategy for a learning group


In this workshop, Prof Bowe concentrated on providing some examples of how to assess learning groups in practice and the ways in which different contexts may change the assessment strategy. A number of contrasting case studies were discussed to illustrate how the principles apply in practice.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016

Developing and Sustaining PALS (Peer Assisted Learning And Support)


Presenter: Ms Marcia Ody, University of Manchester


This seminar explored Peer Assisted Learning and Support (PALS) and examined how PALS can fit within a discipline or course of study and through case studies and research outlined the benefits of its implementation

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