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Are you a lecturer interested in the area of assessment and feedback?
Would you like the opportunity to enhance the assessment and feedback experience for staff and students at MTU?


MTU have received approval from the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education for their project entitled RAFT: Reimagining Assessment & Feedback Together as part of their allocation of the Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement Funding in Higher Education (SATLE) Call 2020. The aim of this project is to enhance the feedback and assessment experience for both staff and students at MTU building and expanding on BALI (Building Assessment Literacy Initiative) a MTU SATLE 2019 project.


There are two distinct ways in which academic staff can engage with this project, either through:

  • Individual Assessment & Feedback Action Research Projects         


  • Programme Team Projects which will take a Whole-of-Curriculum Approach to Assessment & Feedback


Successful applicants will have their assigned teaching load reduced by 1 hour per week (once approved by Head of Department / Function, with the programme itself commencing in Semester 1 of 2021/22.

What is meant by Individual Assessment & Feedback Action Research Projects?

These projects will bring staff and students from across disciplines and campuses together to identify a particular challenging assessment or feedback issue during semester 1 of the academic year.  It is expected that there will be 10-15 lecturer participants working with a team of student consultants. 


Three or four common themes may be identified e.g., providing feedback in large class sizes, implementing effective peer review, etc.  Cross-disciplinary teams will be formed around common thematic areas allowing for a collaborative approach to exploring theory and sharing ideas and practice.  Throughout this process, staff will engage students-as-partners so that both parties gain an empathetic view of the challenges associated with transforming feedback and assessment practice.


In semester1, participants will attend a weekly timetabled workshop that will help them identify their assessment and feedback problem and explore potential solutions. By the end of the semester, they will have developed a plan to implement their chosen solution to the problem identified.


In semester 2, an action research approach will be used to implement and evaluate the planned chosen solution.  Each individual lecturer will implement their planned solution in their own teaching context.  Contact with the coordinating team will continue throughout to provide accountability, partnership, support, ideas and encouragement.

What is meant by Programme Team Projects which will take a Whole-of-Curriculum Approach to Assessment & Feedback?

These projects will involve teams of 2-4 staff, each representing a year of a specific programme, who will consider improvements to assessment and feedback in the curriculum for the programme in question.


In semester 1, these teams will also participate in the weekly timetabled workshops, but their focus will be on identifying the challenges or gaps in their programme in terms of assessment and feedback.  By the end of semester 1, they will have created a framework of how ideally assessment and feedback should be structured throughout the 4 years of their programme - student input will be a key part of this process so that the teams have an understanding the users’ perspective.


In semester 2, the teams will focus on the changes to be made to their programme e.g., creation of new modules, re-writing the assessment component of modules, consideration of cross-module assessment, new approaches to feedback, the development of student feedback literacy as the student progresses through the programme, etc., to bring improvements to their programme.

What are the expected project outputs?

The key output of this project is the ongoing development of assessment and feedback literacy in both staff and students to effect positive change in assessment and feedback practice in MTU at both module and programme level  based on evidence-based research.


Staff involved will evaluate their intervention/proposals with input from students and disseminate findings at an MTU-organised symposium on Feedback and Assessment in June 2022. In addition, staff will be encouraged and supported to publish their findings and/or learnings.


Who will the student partners be?

As a result of the BALI (Building Assessment Literacy Initiative) SATLE 2019 project, we have a core team of assessment and feedback student consultants. Additional students will be recruited to this team in the new academic year.

How do I apply?

Only applications submitted via our online application form will be considered - however, an application template has been developed for your convenience to help you prepare your application.

Is there anyone I can talk to informally before applying?

For informal discussions, please contact:

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