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The following are details of the sessions held together with links, where possible, to the relevant resources and recordings:


Title & Descriptor


3rd September 2014

Teaching for Transition

Facilitated By: Ruairí Ó Céilleachair, TLU

Participants were asked to:

  1. Recall what it feels like to be a learner through an empathy activity.
  2. Examine some of their own assumptions using a walking debate.
  3.  Explore some teaching strategies and discuss their possible use or modification for use at CIT
  4. Decide what implications their reflection on practice might have for possible change of future behaviour.


10th September 2014

Sharing Best Practice in Lecturing

Facilitated By:  Ruairí Ó Céilleachair, TLU

Participants were asked to:

  1. Explore their strengths as lecturers and those of fellow participants
  2. Using a think, pair, share activity to focus on their understanding of the purpose of a lecture
  3. Share their expertise by examining and sharing best practice with regard to various aspects of the anatomy of a lecture
  4. Share advice on common problems lecturers have
  5. Discuss the implications of what they have discovered for themselves during the workshop and decide how their practice might be modified as a result

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