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Combined Funding Call 2024/25 – Apply Online Now

The Learning Community Fund is one of three funding streams available from the Teaching & Learning Unit (TLU) which can be accessed each year through the TLU and AnSEO - The Student Engagement Office’s Combined Funding Call.

As part of the ongoing development of teaching and learning here in MTU, the TLU invites applications from colleagues who are interested in:

  • Establishing a new Learning Community (LC)
  • Sustaining an existing :LC

Information session

Date: 10th May 2024

The following information session was recorded to provide more information about the funding process itself, describe what supports are available and provide participants with an opportunity to hear from previous recipients in terms of what they achieved and how they felt about the experience and the impact these projects have on staff and students.

This initiative started in 2019 and such has been the level of interest among staff, that today MTU has 67 Learning Communities established involving over 30 departments and in excess of 400 staff members within/across academic departments and central services.

The purpose of the fund is to build capacity and sustainability within either a discipline specific or cross disciplinary area. Accordingly, we would suggest a simple semester long action plan initially that will promote inclusivity and collaboration. The outcome of this development phase for instance may be the generation of new knowledge, the highlighting of priority areas or the identification of a “best practice approach” within the new LC that is sustainable and supported through future semesters.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss a potential application prior to submitting, then you can contact:

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