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Assessment methods have a greater influence on student learning than any other single factor and are potentially more important than teaching materials”, Boud, 1988.

BALI – Building Assessment Literacy Initiative, was successfully funded under the Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund 2019.

The project followed an interdisciplinary approach to develop a suite of resources to support students and staff in growth of competencies and capabilities in Assessment Literacy (AL).

The project supported MTU strategy, vision and enablers in several ways:

  • Excellent student experience and high-quality education.
  • Engaging an empowering staff.
  • Organisational maturity and operational excellence.

Specifically, the MTU Strategic Objectives and Initiatives addressed include:

  • Developing graduates with skills, attributes and capabilities to use knowledge which enables them to succeed and progress their careers – there is strong link here to supporting students to access feedback, develop capabilities related to evaluative judgement and consequently adapt more quickly to a changing professional environment in which they are likely to find themselves.
  • Working in partnership with our students to ensure the continued meaningful inclusion of the Student Voice at decision making level.
  • Creating and developing a collaborative working environment across boundaries and disciplines.

Here, we show some of the BALI project outputs:


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