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The ‘Empowered for Success’ project is a collaborative project to develop a strategic and tailored personal, professional and educational development programme with potential to rolled out across MTU. The programme arose from the acknowledgment of the vast amount of student queries related to careers and professional development received by staff.

What is the project plan/aim?

  • Evaluate current student and staff awareness of MTU-wide supports with regard to careers and professional development.
  • Engage with companies and professionals and communities of practice in the Nutrition and Health Science sectors.
  • Create a Careers and Professional Development Roadmap.
  • Agree signposting for students on supports available to them and how to access.
  • Embed the EDGE and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programmes into our project.

Why is the project important?

  • This project is important as it will develop a strategic and tailored Personal, Educational & Professional Development Programme for Nutrition & Health Science Students in the Dept. Biological Sciences, MTU.
  • The proposed funding will facilitate the development of this streamlined 4-year programme with a fully developed product complete for implementation in academic year 2022-2023.
  • The programme will educate and empower students to access appropriate information and experiences while they transition through and out of their degree studies, and ultimately make informed choices with regards to further study and/or career choices.
  • It will be considerate of the stage the students are at and the limited time in the curriculum.
  • This programme when implemented will be cost effective in terms of time and resources and will guide students to take personal responsibility for their development plan, understand how to access information and be empowered to make informed decisions.

What will be delivered or different at the end of this SATLE 2020 project?

  • Empowered for Success will allow many voices to be heard (Nutrition and Health Science students and staff) and reassure students and other key stakeholders (internal and external) that the personal, educational & professional development of our students and graduates is a priority for us and our programme.
  • The initial impact will be on current students of the programme (c. 240) however this will escalate each year (across other programmes) and will have a wider societal impact.
  • The findings and developed programme will be of interest internally within MTU, and to the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning as a potential exemplar case study and replicable methodology.
  • It is also intended to produce an educational research piece for submission to open access peer reviewed sources, as the methodological approach is likely to be of interest to higher education stakeholders in similar university settings.

The overall vision of Empowered for Success Phase 1 is to gain an awareness of the full complement of careers and professional supports available at MTU and to understand from a student, staff and stakeholder perspective the current awareness of these supports.

Who are the Team members?

The following are our team members.

 Dr Janette Walton


Department: Biological Sciences 

MTU Cork campuses

Email: janette.walton@mtu.ie



 Dr. Aoife Hayes


Department: Biological Sciences 

MTU Cork campuses

Email: aoife.hayes@mtu.ie


Dr. Fiona Fouhy


Department: Biological Sciences 

MTU Cork campuses

Email: fiona.fouhy@mtu.ie


Joe Murphy 


AnSEO The Student Engagement Office

MTU Cork campuses

Email: joe.murphy@mtu.ie



Treasa Morgan


Careers Officer, Student Services 

MTU Cork campuses


Olga Mitchell


Student Services

MTU Cork campuses

Email: olga.mitchell@mtu.ie

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