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COIL or 'Collaborative Online International Learning', also commonly referred to as 'virtual mobility' or ‘virtual Erasmus’ connects accredited courses, linking the classrooms of two or more higher education institutions, each located in a different country or cultural setting. It can be for a full module or just part of a module/CA.

COIL Collaborations are developed by partnering teaching staff from different institutions who want to enrich their courses with student interaction and collaborative learning. 

The aim of this project is to capture current practice and experience at MTU, as well as developing policies, procedures, and training materials to support the adoption of virtual exchange/Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) across the MTU. As a learning experience, the plan is to audit and evaluate two pilot COIL projects in MTU.

Why is this project important?

  • The COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) project aligns very well with key national, institutional and European strategies.
  • Internationalisation is central to the identity of the MTU, so much so that in the 2019 application for designation ‘Establishing the Munster Technological University MTU’ one of the 4 defining characteristics was the ‘Commitment to Internationalisation’.
  • The objectives of this project are closely aligned with the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education focus on four key strategic priorities, specifically:
    • Teaching and Learning in a Digital World
    • Teaching and Learning Enhancement Within and Across Disciplines
    • Professional Development of All Those Who Teach
    • Student Success
  • Existing partnerships can be leveraged to boost the project.

What will be delivered or different at the end of this SATLE project?

  • Training sessions and Materials
  • A support structure/roadmap for teaching staff to engage in VE(Virtual Exchange)/COIL
  • Basic Guidance on student engagement for VE/COIL
  • COIL advocates in various disciplines within MTU
  • Web site for dissemination
  • Expressions of Interest Database

Project news

  • November 2021 : Online joint guest lecture with Methodist College Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is an existing partner and students transfer to MTU Kerry to complete year 4 of the BA in Early Childhood Education and Care. The guest lecture aims to deepen cooperation by engaging students who may travel to Ireland next year and also those for whom physical mobility is not an option. By engaging with academic staff in MCKL now, it is hoped to build a COIL project for spring semester 2022 in the area of inclusive education and global justice in early education.
  • November – December 2021 : 5 online joint sessions with Hochschule Nordhausen, Germany. Students from year 4 ECEC in MTU Kerry will work with students from HS Nordhausen on the applying the concept of the leaning profile to children with intellectual disabilities. Sessions will be facilitated by Gerard O Carroll and Friedrich Ederer. First session will be a virtual “meet and greet” opportunity for students. The plan is to build on this interaction to create a COIL blended project as part of HS Nordhausen international week in 9 -13 May 2022.


Who are the COIL Team Members?

The following are our team members -


Eddie Scully

Project Lead

Business Development Manager, Research Development External Engagement, MTU Kerry

Email: eddie.scully@mtu.ie




Gerard O’ Carroll

Social Sciences, MTU Kerry

Email: gerard.ocarroll@mtu.ie


Margaret Mullderrig

Margaret Mullderrig

Senior Staff Officer, International Office, MTU Cork

Email: margaret.mulderrig@mtu.ie


Friedrich Ederer

Friedrich Ederer


Email: friedrich.ederer@hs-nordhausen.de



Grace Chua

Methodist College Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Email: chua.bh@mckl.edu.my 




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