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Engineering & Science


Science & Informatics


Physical Sciences

Team Members

  • Dr Eileen O’ Leary
  • Dr Elaine O'Keeffe
  • Ms Laura Crow


  • To develop students independent learning by involving them as co-creators of their own assessment questions, detailed solutions & peer to peer feedback.
  • To develop students ‘confidence, written communication skills and ‘soft skills’ by encouraging engagement and offering them support and guidance on how to give and receive peer-feedback.
  • To provide a platform for all learner levels, where high achieving students can challenge themselves and students new to the subject can learn at their own pace in a safe anonymous environment.
  • To enhance the skills and expand the network of Department staff through the sharing of knowledge and working in unity with external collaborators from DIT & AIT.

Progress to date

  • A student survey was conducted to assess students’ attitudes to the introduction of PeerWise.
  • The initial survey of students prior to the commencement of the project found:
    • Students were generally concerned about:
      • Making mistakes,
      • Looking foolish,
      • Their own IT skills
      • Their ability to create good content
      • The quality of the questions and answers created by other students
      • Thinking of questions
    • Students were looking forward to
      • Improving their grades
      • Having a better understanding of the material they were covering
      • Having a new/different resource for studying
      • Community help aspect
      • Self-help aspect
      • Having an easier way to revise
      • Seeing what other students would create
      • Having lots of practice questions
      • Self-test aspect
  • Dr Barry Ryan, DIT, ran a workshop for 1st year CIT Physical Sciences & Biological Chemistry students which introduced them to PeerWise and advised how to write good quality multiple choice questions.
  • Dr Barry Ryan, DIT, ran a workshop for CIT staff which introduced them to PeerWise and advised them how to set up a class group on PeerWise and how to manage/monitor student submissions.
  • PeerWise was rolled out to all 1st year CIT Physical Sciences & Biological Chemistry students
  • The first Inter-institutional collaboration site on PeerWise involving CIT, AIT and DITcalled ACCESS was created.
  • A sample of student comments so far has shown students are engaging, reflecting and recognising their own knowledge gaps.
  • The following resources have been developed:
    • ‘Getting started with PeerWise’ Presentation for Students & Staff
    • How to create ‘good’ MCQ questions
    • How to enroll students on PeerWise and avoid GDPR issues
    • Tips on how to monitor student contributions
  • PeerWise is now also being used by Dr Anna Dynan in Accounting & Information Systems


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