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The Department of Mathematics has a well-established learning community that has been in existence for over 5 years and as such have been very active over this period, organising professional development activities, instigating projects on mathematical related topics and developing mathematics related resources useful to both CIT lecturers and students.

The aims of this learning community are:

  • To foster an enthusiastic community of 3rd level mathematics educators
  • To provide a space for conversations on maths education
  • To share ideas
  • To examine good practice in delivery of maths
  • To explore how to share good practice in survey design with the larger CIT community


They have achieved much in this time frame and have done so by:

  • Making the experience enjoyable for all involved
  • Listening to everyone and recording their ideas
  • Making the workload manageable, i.e. by aiming for the quieter periods of the academic year.

The following provide further information on some of the projects, funded by the TLU, and the outputs produced by this Learning Community:

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