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Lead Department

Bishopstown Campus Library

Coordinated by

Adrian Vaughan (Adrian.Vaughan@mtu.ie)

Active members



A Learning Community to facilitate shared practice among library staff.

Summary of Activities

This year, the Library Learning Community focused on outreach and improving our communication with library users & all stakeholders. We held two Social Media workshops in February 2022, inviting 4 guest speakers to speak with library staff to help improve our online communication strategy. This was particularly important given the merger between MTU Cork and Kerry Twitter, Facebook & Instagram accounts. We now have social media calendars, branding guidelines, and a platform for staff at both campuses to design, edit and collaborate on all future social media posts.

Later in 2022, the LC moved on to in-person outreach, and applied for funding for two new portable library information desk stands, for staff at both Cork and Kerry libraries to use for campus events. The Library LC also organised a Coffee Morning at both the Kerry and Cork libraries for teaching and support staff to meet with library staff, giving us the opportunity to promote our upcoming initiatives to these key individuals. Kerry Library's Coffee morning took place on Wednesday 07th September, while Cork Library's coffee morning took place on Wednesday 14th September at Bishopstown Library.


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