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Business & Humanities




  • Management & Enterprise
  • Marketing & International Business
  • Organisation & Professional Development

Team Members

  • Dr Rose Leahy
  • Nollaig O’Sullivan
  • Mary Oldham
  • Aileen Cotter
  • Michele McManus


To identify ways of motivating lecturers which in turn might result in improvements in teaching and learning.

Key outcomes/findings

The key findings were:

  • Strong basis for the development of Communities of Practice (CoP) as a motivating force.
  • Strategic departmental wide approach required to move beyond silos towards collaboration.
  • Areas for collaborations include; research, cross-modular projects and case study writing.
  • Role of the head of department and the use of technology is essential to nurture CoP.
  • Importance of engaging with students and student feedback are emphasised as the most rewarding aspect of teaching.

The key outcomes were:

  • A research paper was presented at the IAM conference, Belfast, September 2017

Cotter, A.; Leahy, R.; McManus, M.; Oldham, M. and O’Sullivan., N. (2017) Developing Communities of Practice in Tertiary Education: Improving Teaching and Learning

  • A team building day was held the Mayfield Arts Centre in May 2017 for the Department of Marketing & International Business.

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