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Business & Humanities


Crawford College of Art & Design


Fine Art & Ceramic Design

Team Members

  • Lucy Dawe Lane
  • Bill O’Flynn,
  • Dr Colette Nolan


This is a collaborative research project with participation from staff and all student levels, bringing reading, writing and drawing closer together in an exploration of the White Cube gallery space. Partnering with Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, the restored mural by Brian O’Doherty is being used as a starting point for a range of activities focusing on embodied learning

Progress to date

  • Collaborative engagement with artworks brings confidence and fluency in discussion between new students (MA and 1st year BA hons).
  • Innovative engagement of studio practice with history and theory results in fresh approaches to research and learning, to be continued into workshops in May.
  • Research into embodied thinking and making, will result in collaborative staff research paper on embodiment and learning where corporeal experience can result in new modes of expression.

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