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A  Learning Community for New & Early Career Lecturers has been established to assist staff as they transition into their new role in MTU.

This learning community was officially launched by Dr Barry O’Connor, President CIT on Thursday, 1st March 2018.


Membership is open to all lecturing staff member but is, perhaps, most relevant to those who have recently joined MTU, i.e. in the last 5 years.


The goals of this learning community are:

  • To develop our teaching and learning practice
  • To develop our understanding and awareness of MTU Policies & Procedures
  • To provide support to each other on our teaching & learning journey


What has this learning community identified as its needs?

From initial consultations with the group, it was found that the following were perceived to be the main needs of the group:

  • Preparation for lecturing, i.e. understanding their role and responsibility as a lecturer, guidance on best practice for teaching, teaching techniques, enhancing student engagement, assessment practices, types of assessment, preparing examinations, positive classroom management techniques, etc.
  • Greater awareness and understanding of MTU's Policies & Procedures, i.e. Web for Faculty, Processing Results, Regulations for Modules and Programmes, the Irish National Framework of Qualifications, Handling Student Difficulties, Programmatic Reviews, Appeals Processes, Marks and Standards, etc.
  • Personal support, i.e. learning from and sharing with others, support from colleagues, developing and sharing best practice, communicating with others, getting to know new staff, getting support for new ideas, learning from peers, engaging in continuing professional development and preparing for progression, making new friends, etc.

How has this learning community set about addressing its needs?

As a proposed starting point, the TLU has assisted this group by organising a series of:

  • Workshops on teaching and learning enhancement, on topics such as:
    • Writing Exam Papers
    • Identifying what represents good teaching practice?
    • Understanding & implementing active learning
    • Different Teaching Strategies
    • Classroom Management Techniques
    • Correcting Exam Papers
    • The First Lecture & Creating & Maintaining a Positive Environment
  • Workshops on MTU Student Support Services, such as:
    • An Introduction to the Library
    • An Overview of Student Services
    • Supporting Disability Support Service (DSS) Students

  • MTU Nuts & Bolts Workshop on CIT policies and procedures, on topics such as:
    • Exams Processing - Marks & Standards, Web for Faculty, Module Examination Boards (MEBs) and Progression and Awards Boards (PABs), MAXe - the new examp paper management system
    • Data Management & Protection
    • Plagiarism
    • Managing the Academic Year


Where can I get further information?

If you would like more information on the Learning Community for New & Early Career Lecturers, meetings are held regularly throughout the academic year so keep an eye out for notification via email, the TLU website news and what’s on sections or on social media.


If you would like to join the learning community then email the current coordinator for the learning community, Dr Eileen O’Leary (eileenm.oleary@cit.ie) or, alternatively, you can contact us and we can forward your query.

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