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Going forward the TLU plans to take an Enhancement Themes approach to organising our programme of activities for a given academic year. This will involve the TLU, as a team, identifying and agreeing a specific area worthy of enhancement/development, known as a Theme, for the year ahead informed by both MTU'S academic strategy and by national and international strategy, policy and practice. Our ultimate goal is to improve the teaching and learning experience for both staff and students so using the identified theme as our focus we hope to encourage faculties, schools, departments, staff and students to work together to develop new ideas and models for innovative ways to enhance the learning experience of students through sharing and learning from best practice locally, nationally and internationally.


Enhancement Theme 2020/21 – Assessment & Feedback

The Enhancement Theme for the current academic year will centre on Assessment & Feedback. Given our current reality as a result of COVID-19, there has been, and there will continue to be, a strong focus on assessment and feedback and how these can be best harnessed to improve student learning and engagement while at the same time helping us as educators ascertain student understanding, demonstrate student achievement of specific learning outcomes and maintain necessary quality standards.


Activities to date:

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