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Dr. Máire Begley


To develop a set of active learning resources to deliver Quality Management Systems (QMS) workshops with a view to increasing student engagement and maintaining their interest. The main aim was to optimise learning by transforming students from passive to active learners. A secondary aim was to develop “soft skills” such as teamwork, communication etc.

Key outcomes/findings

  • Students were very enthusiastic about the interactive games (particularly those that involved an element of competition).
  • The interactive games/exercises, etc., observably increased student engagement and overall enjoyment of the module.
  • Students were asked to fill in a questionnaire to evaluate the interactive workshops and the findings were as follows:
    • 100% liked the workshops.
    • 100% suggested retaining the workshops for next years class.
    • Several students commented on how the workshops made Quality more interesting.
    • Several students commented that the fun aspect of the workshops meant that they actually looked forward to coming to class.
    • Several students acknowledged the amount of work/effort that was required by the lecturer in delivering the workshops and expressed their appreciation of that.

The following are just a selection of some of the quotes from students:

“the workshops made QMS principles very understandable which in turn helped learning the notes much easier. I understood what I was learning as opposed to rote learning notes. I genuinely enjoyed coming to these classes”.

“….the workshops were fun but also educational”

“….every time I left the class I felt I had learned something beneficial. I actually looked forward to coming to class”.

“The workshops were great! They were really enjoyable and interactive. They helped to convey lessons about certain parts of quality in a fun way that made it much easier to understand the lesson and remember it compared to just reading notes…”

“Very good. Excellent idea. Helped it sink into my head.”

“I have a much better grasp of the importance of quality”.

“The workshops were fun and made quality interesting”.

“I found the workshops very helpful. It definitely made quality management more relatable to real life situations in industry. It made it easier to remember different QM tools….”.

“Very good workshops. Made the module fun and engaging.”

“…..superb teaching environment….”.

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