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Educational research is a type of systematic investigation that applies empirical methods to solving challenges in education. It adopts rigorous and well-defined scientific processes in order to gather and analyse data for problem-solving and knowledge advancement.

The overall aim of this service is to assist and support MTU functions, and staff therein, to conduct high quality educational research that will generate evidence based TLASE strategies that can be applied within not alone MTU, but nationally and even internationally.

Why is educational research important?

MTU was established as a Technological University (TU) in January 2021. According to the TURN Report (2019), which sets out a vision for a strategic framework for TUs and their role in the higher education landscape in Ireland, the distinctiveness of a Technological University is that it should be “deeply learner-centred” with a focus on “pedagogic innovation” and “research-based teaching and learning practices”.

We believe that we should not just be consumers of this research but that we can and should contribute to the international educational research literature. Teaching and learning is discipline specific and context dependent and there is a real opportunity to explore how and to what extent specific strategies work at MTU and how and to what extent they cross disciplines. Tangible benefits will include increased research capacity, student success, research-based teaching practices, wider international representation and greater student retention.

What do we offer?

Support in:

  1. Identifying the research problem
  2. Reviewing the literature
  3. Defining the research questions, objectives and hypotheses
  4. Designing a study
    1. Choosing a research methodology
    2. Identifying the participants in the study
    3. Formulating a data collection plan
    4. Applying for ethical approval
  5. Analysing & Interpreting the data
  6. Identifying a target conference/journal for dissemination
  7. Writing & reviewing the paper

How do I avail of the service?

Please contact the TLASE Research Laboratory’s Principal Investigator:

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